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$38 BioDiversity Package

6-Step Customized Care for Your Hair & Scalp
(Usual Price $388)

- Scalp Analysis
- Scalp Purifying Mask
- Scalp Therapy
- Nano-Mist Treatment
- Remedy Tonic
- Biolight Therapy

*Only for 1st time customers

BioDiversity - Customized Organic Hair Care For Everyone

Our products are Made in Italy, Natural & Organic

Healthy hair begins with the proper care. Our Signature 6-Steps BioDiversity Package is customized and personalized to each individual and scalp condition, designed to detox, purify and nourish your hair & scalp, giving it the optimal conditions for healthy hair growth!

We actively reject the use of harsh chemicals but natural and organic ingredients in our products, rich in plant extracts derived from the botanical kingdom.

Here are some conditions that BioDiversity is good for:

- Dandruff
- Dry & Brittle Hair
- Oily Hair & Scalp
- Sensitive & Irritable Scalp

- Thinning Hair
- Receding Hairline
- Pattern Hair Loss (Male / Female)
- Post-partum Hair Loss

- Scalp Eczema
- Scalp Psoriasis
- Seborrheic Dermatitis

Step 1. Scalp Analysis

Before we begin any treatment, it's important to first analysis and check the hair & scalp conditions, any underlying problems and what's the best course of action.

Much like why we get our temperature and blood pressure checked when we see a doctor, a detailed scalp analysis provide a closer look at our hair & scalp.

Scalp Analysis

Step 2. Scalp Purifying Mask

Damage and harmful elements accumulate on our hair & scalp over time. Scalp masks are designed to deep condition and detox, removing any unwanted debris and heals our hair.

Using masks with natural ingredients to condition and nourish your hair.

Hair Mask

Step 3. Scalp Therapy

Scalp Therapy is a relaxing step to help exfoliate, purify and rejuvenate your scalp and hair.

Combined with a special scalp massage process that stimulates and improves blood circulation.

Scalp Spa Therapy

Step 4. Nano-Mist

Nano-mist is used to help nourish and hydrate your hair by using nano-sized water molecules that penetrate better and absorbed easier.

This is best for dry and frizzy hair but can also help add and maintain moisture in our hair.


Step 5. Remedy Tonic

Remedy tonic is a herbal blend of botanical essence and plant extracts, personalized to each individual's hair & scalp condition.

This helps to nourish and provide the optimal conditions for healthy hair, giving your hair a boost!

Remedy Tonic

Step 6. Biolight Therapy

Biolight is a safe and relaxing therapy that promotes hair regrowth through stimulating the cells and improves blood circulation.

Based on each individual, biolioght uses a combination of different wavelengths of light to improve healthy hair growth and regrowth.

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