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Hair &
Scalp Care

Hair & Scalp Care

Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp.

So start early and take the right steps in taking care of your scalp and hair! Pay attention to the early signs of hair problems. Symptoms such as itchy scalps, dandruff, dry brittle hair are potentially early warnings to extensive damage.

It's always good to first identify your scalp and hair condition to find the appropriate hair and scalp treatment in your scalp care regime.

Here are just some of the more common conditions & treatments that we help our customers with.

Scalp Eczema


Scalp eczema is a skin condition that causes inflamed, itchy and dry skin to form on your scalp. It is a common condition that causes dandruff.

We treat scalp eczema using products made with organic ingredients.



Dandruff is a relatively common condition across genders & ages. There are many possible factors causing it, from environmental stress like prolonged exposure to the sun or pollution to the harsh chemicals found in some products.

Scalp Treatments


- Scalp Psoriasis
- Oily Scalp
- Sensitive Scalp
- Male Pattern Hair Loss
- Female Pattern Hair Loss
- Post-Natal Hair Loss

Hair Treatments


- Alopecia Areata (Ring Shaped Hair Loss)
- Dry & Brittle Hair
- Grey Hair
- Colour Ton (98% organic)
- Organic certified plants & vegetable Hair Colouring (Suitable for pregnant ladies & children)

Bio-Light Therapy


Bio-light therapy is designed to increase cellular functions, stimulate blood circulation and increase collagen production in the scalp. This promotes the optimum conditions for a healthier scalp leading to healthier hair.

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Organic & Natural Hair & Scalp Care


Our range of products used in our scalp care solution is 100% petrol-free and organic-ready.

We believe in the "nature's way" and serving our customers with natural, organic and sustainable products.

Our Certificates

Fleur Scalp Care - Qualita Reale
Fleur Scalp Care - Organic Ingredients
Fleur Scalp Care - Made in Italy