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Why Natural Organic Hair Care is Better

Tips // Why Natural Organic Hair Care is Better

Published 8/25/19, 10:36 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Why Natural Organic Hair Care is Better

Switching to natural organic hair care products can be one of the biggest (easiest) steps towards healthier hair. We all have different types of hair and different hair have different needs. With a huge variety of hair products in the market to choose from, using an unsuitable one could cause hair problems to arise.

The scalp is actually part of our skin and it can just be as sensitive as our facial skin to the things you put onto it. Natural organic hair products are designed with a milder formula to be gentler on the hair and skin, making it safer without the adverse effects of harsh chemicals.

Looking to switch to a natural organic hair care routine? Let's look at the benefits!

Gentler on the Skin

Natural organic hair products are designed to be gentler with fewer irritants and synthetics. Common chemicals such as the following found in some shampoos or conditioners could cause irritation for some people.

Parabens are used to increase the shelf life of products that could be a sensitive trigger for some. Sulphates or sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS) is a surfactant that helps to foam up and strip the hair of its natural oils to in order to clean it. Silicones are used in most conditioners to restore the moisture in the hair after it has been stripped by the shampoo. A buildup of silicone could leave your hair feeling greasy and heavy.

By replacing synthetic chemicals with natural organic components like essential oils, you can decrease the potential triggers for allergic reactions that could lead to scalp inflammation and other hair problems.

Gentler on Coloured Hair

For those of us who colour our hair, we'd love to keep the colours vibrant and fresh as long as possible. Using natural organic hair products can help prolong those vibrant colours.

Hair colouring works by using an alkalizing agent to lift up the cuticles to penetrate and embed the colour pigment within the cortex. The colour is then sealed back in by closing the cuticles. Read more about how hair colouring works here.

Cuticles can be raised again when it's dehydrated. Natural organic hair products that are sulphate-free are gentler on the hair than the ones that contain SLS which strips away the hair's natural moisture more aggressively.

Gentler on the Environment

Want to do your part for the environment in a subtler way? The chemicals used in non-organic hair products that aren't absorbed by our hair and scalp are washed down the drain where it can negatively impact the environment, contaminating the water and soil. The natural ingredients used in organic products break down much easier in comparison. Manufacturing the synthetic ingredients used can also create a large amount of waste and pollution.

Though natural organic products can be slightly more expensive, these long-term benefits actually gives you more value in the long run!

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