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Understanding the Different Causes of Dandruff

The Causes of Dandruff & Other Problems

Tips // Understanding the Different Causes of Dandruff

Published 11/2/18, 3:54 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Dandruff is a frustrating and probably embarrassing condition that anyone who has it can tell you. It may limit your choice of wardrobe steering you away from darker clothing causing social or self-esteem problems or it causes itchy scalp.

So what is it and what causes it but more importantly, what can you do about it.

Dandruff is generally harmless scalp condition, these flaky whites are actually dead skin cells from your scalp when it is not exfoliated properly and gets stuck on your scalp. This is often accompanied with an itchy scalp.

The exact cause is not known and depends largely on the individual. It could happen to anyone whether you have a dry or oily scalp. Common causes include dry skin, oily scalp, sensitivity to hair products. Other common cause are scalp conditions that increases the likelihood of dandruff are seborrheic dermatitis or scalp eczema.

So what can you do? You could get started by getting an analysis of your scalp to see what is the underlying factor causing it and then choosing the appropriate treatment to remedy it.

Here are some hair & scalp care tips you can consider. Brushing your hair daily helps exfoliate your scalp and remove excess dead skin while stimulating your scalp cells. Switching your hair products to something gentler and suitable for your scalp n hair. Getting a treatment if it's caused by skin condition such as scalp eczema and seborrheic dermatitis.

Scalp Eczema

This is a scalp condition that causes itchy, inflamed and dry skin to form. Its common symptoms may include scaly and flaky skin patches and some serious itching.

The most common form of scalp eczema is seborrheic dermatitis where it primarily develops on oily skins when there is an excess of sebum produced.

Though the exact cause has yet to be determined. Some of the causes may be due in part to sensitivity to certain harsh chemicals and exposure to an allergen or genetics and hormonal changes. Stress has also been linked as a possible trigger.

Choosing an appropriate treatment depends on the type of scalp eczema and determining the underlying trigger with a scalp analysis.

Switching to a suitable gentler shampoo may help ease the irritation and inflammation in some cases.

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Scalp Psoriasis

This is another common non-contagious skin disorder that causes red, inflamed and burning itches. Though doctors have yet to pinpoint the exact cause, it could still be possible to manage it properly if spotted and diagnosed early.

Scalp psoriasis can range from mild & unnoticeable to severe cases with thick crusts and intense itching. The symptoms include are scaly skins, dandruff-like flakes, intense itching and possibly hair loss.

It's best to get started by seeing your doctor or dermatologist to do a analysis to rule out certain causes and determine the treatment.

Before you lose hope or getting the inappropriate scalp care treatment that may worsen the condition, it's best to get a hair n scalp analysis to determine the underlying factors and choosing an appropriate treatment.

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