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Moisture & Healthy Hair

Tips // Moisture & Healthy Hair

Published 1/11/20, 1:38 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Moisture & Healthy Hair

Moisture is key to maintaining healthy hair, whether you have thick, coarse or fine strands. Dehydrated hair and scalp leads to many hair conditions such as dull hair, brittle hair that’s prone to breakages and split ends. Our hair can dry out just like our skin and while we take the extra care to moisturize and nourish our skin, we should remember to do the same for our hair too. Our hair and scalp needs adequate moisture to stay healthy. A dry scalp can lead to irritation and inflammation. Healthy hair begins at the roots with a good scalp foundation that’s hydrated and healthy.

Sometimes, the difference between healthy hair and not-so-healthy hair is as simple as moisture retention. Our hair ecosystem is a delicate one where a well balanced of nutrients and moisture is needed for it to function and stay healthy. Hydrated hair makes it elastic, flexible and stronger compared to dry brittle strands that may break when handling.

Dry heat can deprive our hair of its moisture, whether it’s heat treatments such as flat-irons and blow-drying or from the prolonged exposure in the sun. In other cases when our hair cuticles are raised, the moisture easily escapes and thus our hair loses its moisture.

How to Avoid Dryness

Washing Your Hair with Cold Water

Cold water helps to close the cuticles and allows our strands to retain its moisture longer.

pH Balance

Our hair cuticles can also be lifted when the pH is pointed towards the alkali end (pH 14), exposing the shaft and losing its moisture.

Staying Hydrated with H2O

About 10 to 13% of our strand is made of water and staying hydrated throughout the day helps to hydrate our hair follicles and hair from within.

Condition (or Deep Condition)

Shampoo strips our hair of the dirt, sweat and along with the protective sebum and moisture, leaving it opened and unprotected. Conditioner counters this by restoring the moisture and closing the cuticles to lock the moisture in.

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Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

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