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How to Manage Dry Scalp

Tips // How to Manage Dry Scalp

Published 2/25/19, 8:37 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

How to Manage Dry Scalp

Dry scalp can affect anyone at any age and is no fun, it’s uncomfortable, itchy and can be painful at times if left untreated. Our scalp is part of our skin and is also susceptible to damage, inflammation and irritation. Dry scalp occurs when our scalp produces or retains insufficient moisture and oil, leaving it dry and prone to itching and scarring.

Dry scalp typically appears as some extent of irritation that often leads to the flaking of dead skin but can still be managed easily with the proper analysis and moisturizing treatments. Because of this flaking of dead skin, it’s easy to confuse dry scalp condition with dandruff condition as they both share many similarities. But these two conditions are different and require different treatments. You can read more about dandruff and its causes here.

Causes of Dry Scalp

Dry Skin

It is common for people with naturally dry skin to also develop dry scalp since our scalp is part of our skin.

Unsuitable Hair Care Products

Some hair products may be laden with harsh chemicals unsuitable for your scalp and hair type which may be drying your scalp in the process. Using the right hair products, preferably packed with natural ingredients, can be nourishing and restorative for your scalp.

Improper Hair Care Routine

A common cause of dry scalp is from excessive washing. Overwashing, especially without conditioning, can strip our hair and scalp of its moisture and protective oil, leaving it dry. We have different hair and scalp types, the best way is to find a suitable washing routine is to experiment.

Other Skin Conditions

Scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis and scalp eczema can all lead to dry scalp. In some cases, these conditions might be caused by a reaction to ingredients in your hair products. For example, contact dermatitis is a common reaction to daily hair products like hairspray and gel that causes your scalp to dry out.

How to Manage Dry Scalp

The battle of how to get rid of dry scalp is one that can sometimes be won simply by tweaking our hair care routine and dialing back on hair washing. Other times, it will require some nourishing treatments like our Scalp Spa Therapy that can deeply cleanse and moisturize. It is important to identify the underlying factor in order to find the appropriate countermeasures to manage dry scalp.

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