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Hair Loss Hair Thinning

Early Detection Is Key To Treating Hair Loss

Tips // Hair Loss Hair Thinning

Published 10/4/18, 3:51 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

The average human body has about 100,000 - 150,000 strands of hair and loses about 50-100 of it daily as part of our hair shedding and regrowth cycle. When this amount starts increasing and on a consistent basis, some of us might start experiencing hair thinning, receding hairline and hair loss problems.

Our hair works in a cyclical rhythm. It goes into a growth stage for a few years before resting and going into a shedding period of a few months. Hair loss problems can occur when the growth or the quality of new regrowth can’t keep up with the loss of existing hair. Other scalp conditions like unhealthy follicles and weak brittle hair can also speed up the hair loss.

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Hair Loss Commonly Begins with Thinning Hair

When our hair starts thinning, the quantity and quality of new hair growth is lesser than the ones shedded creating the appearance of thinner patches over certain areas or potentially leading to pattern loss.

The possible causes range from being part of ageing to hormonal and genetics or scalp conditions like scalp eczema or seborrheic dermatitis that irritates the scalp leading to possible damage of the follicles. It could also be due to a lack of certain nutrients from the diet or inappropriate hair care such as over-treating your hair and frequent exposure to harsh chemicals.

There are many different categories and extent of hair loss. Depending on the factors causing it, some of it can be temporary and reversible.

Postpartum / Postnatal Hair Loss

This form of hair loss is normal and usually temporary. It commonly happens about three months after childbirth because the body loads up on hormones such as estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy and then levels out in the months after giving birth.

Though it’s a normal process for some new mums, it’s still best to maintain proper hair care routine with a balanced diet to give your hair the optimum conditions. You may also find it more reassuring to see a specialist or get a scalp analysis.

Inflamed and Irritated Scalp

When the scalp is inflamed and irritated from conditions such as scalp eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, the scalp and follicles may be damaged from extreme scratching leading to poorer hair health. Hair loss may occur when our hair finds it difficult to grow in an unhealthy and inflamed environment. If the condition is left untreated and the follicles is damaged, hair loss may become permanent.

Dry Brittle Hair

Our hair needs sufficient moisture to stay healthy. The hair might become dry and brittle when it doesn’t get or retain enough sebum to stay moisturize. When the hair is dry and prone to breakages, you may be shedding more hair than you can regrow.

Heat from treatments such as hair straighteners or chemicals from frequent hair dye may cause the hair to dry out and unable to retain the moisture needed.

What You Can Do

Hair loss is a long gradual process that doesn’t happen overnight. The key to managing it is to spot it early with a detailed hair and scalp analysis.

Thinning hair can be attributed to genetics or hormones, lifestyle habits and also certain scalp conditions. Once you have assessed and identified the causes, it’s possible to better manage and treat it.

A proper hair care routine and diet is also vital in providing your hair the conducive environment to grow healthily.

Scalp Massage

Giving your scalp a good soothing massage can encourage better circulation of blood and nutrients. Spend a few minutes in the shower next time and gently massage your scalp.

Balanced Diet

Our hair needs the right nutrients to work with. Try to achieve a balanced diet that contains proteins, iron, selenium, multivitamins and fatty acids.

Biolight Therapy

Also referred to as cold laser or low level light energy. Biolight therapy is an effective and non-invasive method designed to stimulate the scalp, improve circulation and promote hair regrowth.

Don't lose hope just yet. Not all hair loss can be permanent and can be treated especially when spotted early. Proper diagnosis and early detection is key for treating hair problems. The best way is to give your hair and scalp a checkup with our free detailed analysis that analyzes your hair's thickness and follicular growth, identifies the possible causes and appropriate treatments.

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