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Dry Hair

Tips // Dry Hair

Published 1/26/20, 10:41 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Dry Hair

Dry hair usually develops when our hair doesn’t get or retain enough moisture. Due to the lack of moisture, dry hair is usually dull and frizzy, more prone to breakages and split ends. Having adequate moisture is key to achieving and maintaining healthy hair, as it makes each strand stronger and flexible. It also likely means that our scalp is hydrated and supple. Having dry hair also likely points towards having a dry scalp. Dry scalp can lead to irritation and inflammation, causing damage to the hair follicles.

Our hair consists of three layers. The outermost layer, cuticles, serves as a protective sheath around the hair shaft. It works like a flap in the window blind where it can be lifted and smoothened and closed. Moisture is locked within the hair shaft and protected when the cuticles are healthy and closed.

There are various factors that can contribute to having dry hair and many of which are easily avoidable.

  • Prolonged exposure in the sun
  • Using unsuitable products for your hair type
  • Frequent chemical treatments such as colouring, perms or relaxers
  • Frequent heat treatments such as straighteners or curlers


Managing Dry Hair

The good news is that dry hair can be effectively treated and managed with just a few simple lifestyle changes to our hair care routine.

  • Switching to natural organic hair care products
  • Space out the frequency of chemical/heat treatments
  • Getting moisturizing and conditioning treatments after chemical/heat treatments
  • Protecting your hair against external elements such as sun damage or chlorine in the swimming pools


Dry hair is a sign of early hair damage, which if left untreated could cause more damage to your hair. Getting a scalp analysis is the best way to identify the underlying cause and appropriate treatment. Book your free scalp analysis and consultation with us here.

Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

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