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Different Types of Damaged Hair

Tips // Different Types of Damaged Hair

Published 1/18/20, 8:05 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Different Types of Damaged Hair

Dealing with damaged hair is a never-ending battle in your quest for beautiful healthy hair. Even if you have taken extra care, it’s inevitable that our hair may still show signs of damage from the daily toll. If your hair has started showing early signs of losing its shine, moisture or density, it might be time to diagnose and treat the hair damage early by first learning more about the different types of damaged hair.

Split Ends

Split ends, also referred to as trichoptilosis, are pretty common and can be pretty frustrating. Split ends form when our hair shaft splits apart, usually at the ends of our hair strand. This type of damaged hair can be more than just annoyance when the split eventually travels up the strand making our hair rough and tangled, causing more damage.

Split ends tend to develop slowly and gradually due to various factors such as excessive styling or damage from heat treatments.

Regular trimmings of the hair is the best way to counter split ends. Other care such as minimizing the use of styling and heat treatments can give our hair more room to thrive.

Heat Damage

While many of us know about what heat damage can do to our hair, yet we still do subject our hair to it sometimes. Our hair outermost layer is the cuticles, it locks in the moisture and protects the hair shaft within. Cuticles work like a flap on a window blind and can be lifted when in alkali conditions and at the right temperature. Moisture is lost quickly and the hair shaft is exposed to further damage, leaving our hair dry and frayed.

You can try to minimize the use of heating tools and treatments as much or spread them further apart to give your hair more time to recover. Using heat protectant products also helps to minimize the damage during heat treatments. Getting a hydrating hair mask or nourishing protein treatment can also help replenish and rejuvenate heat damaged hair.

Chemical Damage

The other most common cause of many hair conditions is chemical damage. Chemical treatments such as bleach, colouring, relaxers and perms can leave chemical damage making hair dry and dull, brittle and prone to breakages.

Spacing out chemical treatments or avoiding them all together can prevent damaging your hair. Moisturizing treatments such as deep conditioning treatments can help to soothe the hair helping it recover faster.

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Giving our hair and scalp the necessary TLC helps avoid damaged hair. Ready to try out natural and organic hair care? At Fleur Scalp Care, we believe and standby our natural and organic products and treatments. Book your appointment with us here!

Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

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