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Benefits of Lavender for Healthy Hair

Tips // Benefits of Lavender for Healthy Hair

Published 9/28/19, 10:18 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Benefits of Lavender for Healthy Hair

Lavender has many beneficial properties when it comes to healthy hair. Lavender essential oil is distilled from the lavender plant as a highly concentrated extract that is full of its useful compounds. This classic fragrant ingredient has been used medicinally for centuries for a variety of purposes such as aromatherapy, eliminating bacteria, soothing bruises and relieving muscle tension.

Lavender has since been found to be beneficial for our hair as well and has found its way into many hair care products. Let's look at some of the benefits of lavender for healthy hair!

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Better circulation nourishes our hair and improves hair growth. Lavender oil has been found to improve circulation, making it effective in managing issues such as alopecia areata or pattern baldness. One study in 2016 has also shown it to improve hair growth on mices where their hair grew thicker and faster than normal.

Antiseptic , Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

The use of lavender has a long documented history for over two millennia, for its antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It has been used by the Romans to purify and treat wounds. This soothing oil reduces inflammation and alleviates irritations, making it perfect in improving scalp health and for managing conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Prevents Dry Itchy Scalps

Lavender oil is a very good moisturizer where it deep conditions the hair, keeping it shiny and helps control dandruff. A study in 2012 has shown the effectiveness of lavender oil in reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing process. The anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties together helps in managing dry itchy scalps.

Balances the Sebum

Lavender oil helps balances the scalp sebum and soothes the scalp. This can keep the scalp sufficiently moisturized while ensuring the scalp isn't too dry or too oily when inflammation may occur and affecting hair growth.

These wonderful properties of lavender essential oil makes it an excellent ingredient used in our natural organic hair care products and treatments. Ready to try it out for yourself? Book your appointment here today!

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