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5 Hair & Scalp Care Tips

Tips // 5 Hair & Scalp Care Tips

Published 8/10/19, 10:31 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

5 Hair & Scalp Care Tips

Beautiful hair is nourished hair. No matter the color, length, or texture, nothing compares to the natural beauty of hair that is healthy and hydrated. So why do so many of us continue to struggle with achieving healthier hair?

Just as we care for our skin, it is as important to care for and nourish our hair. Nourished and hydrated hair are naturally healthier, softer and shinier. Read on for 5 quick care tips on how to make dry hair a thing of the past.

Protect before heat

Completely avoiding the hair dryer may not be realistic, but applying a heat protectant before picking up a heat tool can help prevent dryness. Try a few drops of an oil serum before drying hair to replenish moisture. Or minimize the use of the hair dryer (and other heat tools), and opt to towel-dry your hair whenever possible.

Use products with oils

Oils have been used for centuries as a source of hydration and nourishment. Packed with essential acids, they are the perfect ingredient when it comes to combatting dryness and keeping your hair looking silky and shiny. You could switch and try out organic products that are formulated with oils and extracts such as amla, coconut, sunflower, or argan. Have you heard of our Natural & Organic products that we use in our treatments?

Protect hair from dryness in the sun

Most of us usually take precautions to protect our skin when in the sun, but we often overlook our hair. Wearing a headwear or shielding with an umbrella can help keep the UV rays away and the moisture within longer, especially so when most of us are either our in the sun or in dry air-conditioned rooms.


Use a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week. Or, use an oil serum or oil-in-cream product as a pre-shampoo treatment: apply to the ends of hair and let sit for 5-10 minutes on dry hair before showering to give dry ends a boost of nourishment before washing.

Remember healthy life habits

Just as with healthy looking skin, diet also plays a huge part in achieving and maintaining healthy hair. A proper balanced diet will provide our hair the necessary building blocks it needs to function healthily. You can read more about the different nutrients and minerals that our hair needs here.

Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

Are you ready to get started on your journey towards a healtier scalp and beautiful hair? We provide organic and natural solutions for hair & scalp problems such as chemically damaged hair, dandruff and hair loss. We also provide organic hair colouring services too!

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