What is Keratin & How Keratin Treatment Helps
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What is Keratin

Tips // What is Keratin

Published 6/11/19, 10:05 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

What is Keratin

Everybody loves soft, silky and healthy hair. Damage accumulated from pollutants, chemicals and free radicals will result in dry and dull hair inevitably. That’s why proper and frequent scalp and hair care is essential in reversing the damages and revitalizing our hair. One of the more popular one you might have heard or tried is hair keratin treatment. Here's a closer look at what keratin is and how keratin treatment helps with achieving shiny healthy looking hair.

Keratin is a fibrous protective protein that makes up our hair, skin and nails. It is the structural building block of our hair, giving our hair its structure. Keratin also forms a protective shield around the hair shaft, protecting the cells from damage and keeping our hair elastic and healthy looking.

Keratin in our hair can be depleted through chemical damage and also some of our hair care habits such as overstyling and extensive heat treatments.

The Human Hair

Our hair is made of two parts - hair follicle and hair shaft. The follicle is the part beneath the scalp and hair shaft is the visible hair that we see. The hair shaft itself is made of three layers; hair cuticle is the outermost layer that serves to protect the inner layers from damages and locks in the moisture.

Cuticles are scaly flaps that cover and protect the inner hair shaft. These can be lifted or opened like window blinds in certain conditions, exposing the inner hair shaft to external damages, which usually occurs in dry frizzy hair.

You can find out more about how our hair anatomy works here.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is a chemical process designed to smooth and add shine to frizzy hair. In its essence, keratin treatment dives deep into the porosity of the hair and seals a coating of this protein within it eliminating frizz and adding softness and shine, resulting in healthier looking and manageable hair.

Some versions of keratin treatment could release formaldehyde content or other harsh chemicals when heated, but many newer versions like ours are formaldehyde-free. So be sure to check with your stylist or trichologist before you go for it.

Here at Fleur Scalp Care, we believe in a natural and organic approach in all our treatments and products used, providing the essential care without the chemical damage. Want to try out our Keratin Treatment? Get in touch and book your appointment here.

Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

Are you ready to get started on your journey towards a healtier scalp and beautiful hair? We provide organic and natural solutions for hair & scalp problems such as chemically damaged hair, dandruff and hair loss. We also provide organic hair colouring services too!

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