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Sun Damage

Vitamin D and Sun Damage

Tips // Sun Damage

Published 4/10/19, 3:41 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Sun Damage

Living on this sunny island situated on the equator means sun damage for our hair. The weather is usually hot and humid on most days. Most of us are scuttling in and out dry air-con rooms and humid outdoors. Environmental damage, the sun in particular, can take its toll on our scalp, hair and skin.

Our hair is a complex structure and need a variety of essential nutrients and minerals to function properly and optimally. Vitamin D is one of it, it plays a vital role in follicle growth and stimulation.

Though the sun is an excellent source for Vitamin D for our bodies, the UV rays can easily dry out and damage the protective cuticle layer, leading to damaged dry hair.

Vitamin D

Some studies show that deficiency in Vitamin D may be linked to hair problems such as hair loss including hair thinning and alopecia areata.

Vitamin D plays a key part in stimulating hair follicles growth and improving hair growth. A recent study in 2012 also suggests that this vitamin may also create new follicles and stimulate dormant follicles.

Apart from the sun, Vitamin D can also be absorbed from certain foods;

  • Fatty fish such as salmon
  • Mushrooms
  • Grains
  • Fortified foods such as low-fat fortified milk

Signs of Sun Damage

If the hair suffers from sun damage, it could become discoloured, dry and brittle or become prone to breakage and split ends. The hair also turns frizzy and can also begin thinning.

Here are some ways to reduce damage from the sun.


The best way is to shield your hair from prolonged exposure to the sun directly. Wearing a hat or shielding with an umbrella goes a long way in protecting your hair!


Moisture and sebum is essential when it comes to protecting our hair. Using a deep conditioner or hair mask can help hydrate your hair and restore some of the moisture lost.

Hydrate Yourself

Water is key to life and our cells. Drinking enough H2O can keep our cells functioning optimally.

When most of us are usually shuttling between the outdoors and the dry air-conditioned rooms, it's important to stay hydrated!

Shampoo & Conditioning

Sweat and dirt can accumulate and clog up pores in hot and humid settings. Shampoo and conditioning removes any debris accumulated and re-moisturizes the hair.

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Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

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