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How Keratin Treatment Works

Tips // How Keratin Treatment Works

Published 8/2/19, 10:06 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

How Does Hair Keratin Treatment Works?

What is Keratin?

Do you suffer from dry or frizzy hair? If so, you may like to try using a keratin treatment to improve the condition of your hair. Hair can become dry and frizzy due to humidity or over-brushing and styling. Keratin treatment is a great solution that can quickly return your hair to a smooth and sleek condition.

Keratin is a protein that naturally occurs in hair; it protects the hair against humidity. It's common for hair to lose its natural keratin due to sun exposure, styling and chemicals in shampoos or hair treatments. You can read more about what keratin is here.

How Keratin Treatments Improves Frizzy Hair

Keratin treatments are great as they help replenish the hair's natural keratin. The treatment helps to combat humidity and leaves hair with a healthier appearance.

If you're interested in getting a keratin treatment, head to your local salon, these types of treatments are carried out by a professional stylist. Keratin treatments are powerful, high concentrations of keratin are used to change and repair the hair's structure.

A keratin treatment locks out humidity and repairs damaged hair, including split ends and breakage. It helps rebuild the hair's strength and also makes it smoother and shinier. Keratin makes hair healthier and also improves manageability, which can reduce styling time.

How Keratin Treatment Works

Most keratin treatments are usually carried out in three steps.

First, a pre-treatment will be applied to remove any surface build-up. This will help prepare the hair cuticles for treatment, while also lifting the hair layers. The treatment will then be able to effectively penetrate the hair. A special shampoo will be used twice on damp hair before the start of a keratin treatment.

Next, the keratin treatment will be applied and allowed to penetrate into the hair cuticles. The keratin will strengthen your hair's natural keratin and will help repair the damage. It will also smooth the hair shaft.

The keratin treatment will be applied directly onto the hair with a brush and bowl application. This is a similar experience to having your hair dyed. A fine-tooth comb is used to distribute the keratin treatment evenly and to ensure the hair isn’t overexposed to the treatment. The stylist will target the hair's damaged areas. This process will usually take around ten to fifteen minutes.

Next, a hair dryer is used to adjust the hair’s shape. This helps to seal in the treatment and will leave your hair looking and feeling smooth. It will also have a humidity-resistant finish.

Are you looking for smooth silky hair? Manage frizzy & unruly hair better and achieve silky smooth hair with our Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment. The treatment is formaldehyde-free, safe for even the most sensitive scalp. It uses glyoxylic acid, keratin and silk proteins to create new keratin bonds that helps to soften & smoothen the hair structure.

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