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Hair & Scalp Detoxification and Purification

How Damage Can Accumulate & be Reversed

Tips // Hair & Scalp Detoxification and Purification

Published 3/27/19, 3:43 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Hair damage accumulates on our hair and scalp over time and leads to other hair issues. This is where detoxification and purification comes in to give our hair a fresh start in optimum conditions.

Achieving healthy hair is a delicate balance. Our hair and scalp is subjected to damages every day. As the damages accumulate, scalp inflammation and other hair problems may slowly arise from it.

Our hair is subjected to damages every day. Damages can come in many forms, such as environmental pollutants, improper hair care or unsuitable hair products.

Different Types of Factors

Environmental Damage

Some may say that we only have 2 seasons here on this sunny island sitting on the equator, Singapore - sunny and rainy or aircon and non-aircon.

Being under the hot sun can be extremely damaging to our hair and scalp, making it lose its shine and moisture much easier.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatments such as hair straightening or perms work by applying heat on our hair. This heat breaks the bonds in our hair in order to achieve the desired results, while also evaporating the water molecules within.

High temperatures can cause cracks to form on the protective cuticle layer exposing the hair to further damages.

Chemical Treatments

Some hair treatments require the use of harsh chemicals in order to work its magic such as permanent colouring and permanent hair straightening.

Harsh chemicals are used in order to break the molecular bonds in the hair and seal in the results more permanently and effectively. These chemicals if not applied properly may leave behind damages on the scalp and hair.

Improper Hair Care

Individualized hair care is key for everyone depending on their hair and scalp type.

We have different hair types; from very fine to thicker strands. Some may require more frequent shampooing and conditioning, others may be able to skip the conditioning every other day.

Depending on your scalp and hair pH level, you may also be using unsuitable hair products. Improper hair care could lead to damages accumulating over time.

When Damage Accumulates

When left untreated, these damages can take hold and cause other hair issues to arise. Damage can happen on the cuticles or at the follicles leading to unhealthy hair and hair loss. It may also affect the sebum production causing dry or oily scalp and dandruff.

Detoxification & Purification

Hair detoxification and purification treatment can help alleviate and reverse the damages built up.

It ‘resets’ our hair by repairing damages, removing toxins and chemical residuals from deep within and also balances the pH levels of our scalp and sebum.

The process is tailored to detox and deep cleanse the hair and scalp, removing any impurities and revitalizes the hair follicles. Deep conditioning is then done to purify and nourish the hair and scalp, providing the necessary moisture and protection.

Damage to our hair and scalp is part and parcel of life as we hustle through life. Having healthy hair begins with healthy scalp, that’s why a detoxification and purification is vital for healthy hair!

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