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5 Scalp Care Tips for Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

Tailoring Your Hair & Scalp Care

Tips // 5 Scalp Care Tips for Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

Published 10/9/18, 3:59 PM by Fleur Scalp Care

Many of us spend a significant time on grooming ourselves whether it's facial care or skin care or manicures & pedicures. Every man and woman's crowning glory is our hair and it hair & scalp care needs just as much attention!

You might think that proper shampooing coupled together with a premium conditioner and shielding your hair from the scorching sun is enough. Though it's a good start but proper hair care actually goes beyond just these.

For starters, many of us may be using unsuitable hair care products. The same reason why we choose a suitable facial wash for our skin whether it's oily or dry. Choosing an appropriate shampoo or conditioner depending on our hair & scalp condition is just as important in achieving a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Click here to find out how shampoo & conditioner works in acheiving healthy hair.

Here are 5 hair & scalp care tips to get you started;

1. Don't shampoo too frequently

Shampooing your hair daily may dry out your scalp as shampoos removes the excess sebum from our scalp n cleanses it.

Depending on your environment and exposure in the day, you should shampoo only every 2 or 3 days. On the flip side, if you don't shampoo just enough, the oil n dirt may build up and clog your follicles.

You could also choose a gentler shampoo to add to your hair care regime, organic & natural ones are a good place to start.

To better understand how to tailor your own shampoo/conditioner routine, find out how the science behind it works.

2. Brushing Daily

Exfoliation is the process to remove any dead skin cells that may otherwise clog your follicles n impair hair growth.

Do you brush your hair daily? Not only does brushing regularly helps remove dead skin, it also helps stimulate your scalp, improve blood circulation and redistribute your scalp oils.

Use a natural bristle brush that's easier to work through your hair n be gentle on your scalp when brushing.

Additionally, there are also scalp exfoliation masks in the market that you can use to help in your hair care regime.

3. Condition when needed

Some may apply conditioner only on their hair, some from the mid length to the tips, others dose everything from the scalp n roots. There's no one-size-fit-all because it depends on each individual's scalp condition.

What conditioner does is basically replace the natural oils that has been stripped away by the shampoo. So how and where you apply the conditioner depends on how oily or dry your hair & scalp is.

Do you know if you have an oily scalp? Getting an analysis is a good way to start to understand your hair and scalp condition.

Get started and book your free scalp analysis today!

4. Our Diet

We are what we eat. Our body gets its nutrients and building blocks mainly from the food we consume, our hair n scalp is no exception.

Food that are rich in fatty acids, iron, zinc, proteins n other nutrients such as vitamin A, C & E have been linked to promoting healthy hair growth.

Some food you can consider adding to your diet are seafood like fatty fish & shrimps or oysters, leafy greens like spinach & bak choy, nuts & seeds like almonds or chia seed, fruits like avocado and berries.

On the flip side, you should definitely reduce or avoid stuff that are high in sugar, aspartame (artificial sweetener) and greasy oily food.

Find out more about the different necessary nutrients and minerals to achieve healthy hair!

5. Massage!

Burned out from juggling between work and meeting deadlines? Stress is known to cause harm to our bodies from the inside out, it also affects our scalp & hair too! Prolonged stress can lead to other hair issues such as hair loss.

Can't squeeze time out for an exercise schedule? Try a scalp massage! A good massage goes beyond just taking some of the stress off your shoulders. Like brushing your hair, a soothing scalp massage can stimulate your scalp cells and improve blood circulation.

So spend some extra minutes and massage your scalp the next time you hop into the shower! Or leave it to a professional to do it for you!

These are just some basic tips to help get you started on your hair & scalp care journey towards a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Remember, moderation is key, especially when it comes to brushing and the diet you follow.

Think of our scalp as the bedrock for healthy hair; having a healthy scalp is one of the most important component to get that beautiful hair. So it's best to know your scalp condition first in order to tailor a suitable hair care routine.

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Healthy Scalp & Beautiful Hair

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